Our Story – Summer in May

Our Story

Hola!! I’m Paula, the owner of Summer in May; a kids clothing label based in Southern California, USA.

My fashion story began in a retail store stock room on the high streets of London, UK. With tons of inspiration, I travelled the world, and then back to Spain, where I continued to work in kids fashion and learn from some very wise industry owls.    

Fast forward a few years, I moved to Canada and learned a lot about the cold and how to stay warm. Once we had gathered enough warmth, we made a bee-line for the sun and its good friend; Southern California. It was early May and the temperature was about 82°F (28°C). This was a very strange concept for a couple of Northerners who been living some very long winters. It was Summer in May and my clothing label was born.

I had always thought about creating a kids clothing brand that was unisex and interchangeable. When my kids were born that idea became more necessary. I wanted my son to have cute outfits that my daughter could still wear two years later. With this philosophy and some super rad color pallets, our unisex label was sewn.  

Inspired by Japanese and Nordic styles, we strive to uphold a unique flow of collections that promise the highest quality fabrics. If you love mixing and matching, you are always in our thoughts; our collections purposefully flow and marry, bringing your mix ‘n match game to a whole new level.

And yes, our hearts melt with everything retro. Ready for a touch of radness!?

We love to hear from you, so please say hi and let us know if you have any questions :)