Our Story

We are a slow fashion kids clothing brand with a mission to limit our footprint on this beautiful planet. Creating a brand of limited collections, unisex designs, and simplicity with the hope that our styles will be reused and passed on. 

KAROO AW 2020-21

Finding our heart in the colors of the desert, and the textures of the sand. The moods of dusk and the warm feels of a cozy winter night. Long hugs, inner peace, and a ton of inspiration.

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Karoo Editorial

The Karoo is a desert in South Africa. It’s not your typical sandy desert because it is filled with very resilient bushes and shrubs. Creating this collection, we were inspired by the tones of the Karoo and the resilience and strength of the wildlife that surrounds it. 

So we indulged in the feeling and planted some succulents to bring us closer to the textures of our inspiration. 

Engaged with our senses, the movement of raw earth, water, roots, and tiny little prickles, our collection was sewn